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Super Modified 2WD Truck Rules

TNT Truck & Tractor Pull

Super Modified 2wd Truck Rules


1.  Maximum weight of competition vehicle is 6200#.

2.  The 15 feet from center of axle overall rule will apply to all trucks with the exception of a 10” inch over length allowance for cosmetic fiberglass only. No steel structure, reinforcement, or steel bumpers allowed pasted 15 feet.

3. Maximum width of vehicle is 96”

4. Any automotive type engine, with only two valves per cylinder and must accept a stock automotive crankshaft.

5. Maximum supercharger limit is 14-71 hi-helix. No screw type superchargers permitted.

6. Maximum bore spacing is 5.00”32

7. All burst panels must face away from driver.

8. No timing delay devices permitted.

9. Fiberglass bodies are accepted.

10. Flip top bodies must have escape hatch through roof. If body has doors they must be in position and closed.

11. Truck beds must be covered during competition.

12. Grills and fenders must in place as intended by the manufacturer.

13. Only 1/4” Lexan, .060 steel, or 3/16 aluminum are the only materials allowed for firewalls. No Plexi-glass firewalls permitted

14. All vehicles must have vertical bumpers. Bumpers must extend minimum or 8” vertically. Bottom of bumper to be a maximum of 24” from the ground.

15. No fuel tanks, fuel lines, pressure gauges or pumps allowed in cabs. All hydraulic lines in cab must be shielded top and sides with a minimum of .060 aluminum.

16. Non-planetary rear ends must run axle covers.

17. Weights cannot extend more than 12 inches from drawbar.

For a printable version of the Super Modified 2WD Truck Rules please click the link below!

Melanie Wiley,
Aug 25, 2018, 12:53 PM