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Hot Rod Tractors

 Hot Rod Tractors

 1. Tractors are limited to automotive type engine. Two valves per cylinder. 600 cubic inch limit. 1% tolerance.

 2. Engine must be naturally aspirated with one carburetor. Must run all Ford or all Chevy motor (GM style block must run GM style heads, Ford style block must run Ford style heads). No tunnel rams, maximum 2 inch spacer or adapter under carburetor. Carburetor must be stock in appearance. No split carburetors allowed. INTAKE HEIGHT WILL BE DETERMINED BY MEASURE FROM TOP OF CHINA WALL TO BOTTOM OF CARBURETOR FLANGE. MUST NOT EXCEED 11 INCHES. NO SPREAD PORT HEADS.

 3. Maximum length 14 feet from center of rear axle to farthest most point, including weights, excluding tow hooks or lifting hooks.

 4. Original agricultural tractor rear ends, 2WD only. No aftermarket replacement parts. Inboard planetary allowed. No outboard.

 5. Any drive line from rear-end to motor.

 6. Tire size: 18.4 x 38 LIMIT.

 7. Must have wheelie bar mounted solid to frame capable of supporting tractors weight. No part of hitch may be connected to the wheelie bars. For location and size refer to the general rules.

 8. All drivers must be seated and in control of pulling vehicle anytime motor is started or being started.

 9. Seat belts are required and it is highly recommended they be WORN.

10. All tractors must have individual working rear brakes.

11. All tractors must have a solid barrier between driver and rear wheels. Barrier must be capable of supporting drivers’ weight.

12. All tractors must have wide front ends. Front wheels must track with rear wheels.

13. Hitch height 39– 20 inches and must be parallel to the ground. No attachment point above top of rear end housing.

14. Hitch must be no less than 18 inches from center of rear axle to hitching point.

15. KTPA approved racing fuel or alcohol is permitted. Nitrous is not acceptable, nor is any bottled fuel or pressured tank.

16. Any class member attending all events of the season will be awarded 20 bonus points. (Vehicle to make every pull.)

17. All remaining exposed drive shafts will be shielded 360 degrees by 3/8 inch aluminum or 5/16 steel. Drive shaft must be completely covered, minimum ¼ inch visible at either end.

18. If for any reason a KTPA tech official is not present any tech official may perform those duties.

19. ROLL CAGE: Must have a minimum of .120 wall thickness tubing minimum of 1 ¾ inch steel or chrome moly tubing. Cage will attach to tractor at a minimum of 6 points. There will be 2 tubes coming over drivers station with 1 lateral bar going around the cage approximately shoulder height. There will be 1 bar under the seat a minimum of 1 inch square tubing. There will 2 diagonal braces running from frame rails to the front tube of cage at a maximum 30 degree angle. Must use GRADE 8 OR BETTER BOLTS when securing cage to tractor. An SFI approved 5 point harness with quick release clasp will be required in all roll cages.

20. Weights must not extend beyond rear tires.

21. All trucks must have a fuel dump valve for random fuel testing.

22. Weight on class is 5200 lb., with a 50 lb. tolerance.

23. The first puller has the option to drop their hook but MUST come back last.

For a printable version of these rules please click the link below!


Melanie Wiley,
Sep 3, 2017, 12:38 PM