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9300 Super Farm Tractor Rules

TNT Truck & Tractor Pull

9300 lb Super Farm

NTPA/NFMS Rules Apply


Weights: 9,300 lb. Super Farm (NTPA/NFMS Rules)

NO INTERCOOLER/Slotted 3 x 3 turbochargers

Exhaust - A smoke tube is required. Exhaust must have two 3/8” bolts, grade 5 minimum, positioned in the exhaust tube 90 degrees to each other and with 1 inch of each other.

Front Hitch - All vehicles must have a front hitch attached to the vehicle that is capable of supporting the weight of the front of the vehicle. It must be the furthest most point on the vehicle and be centrally located. The hitch must have a minimum of a 3” diameter hole to allow for the 3 point mounted hitches on the movers to manipulate the competing vehicles. No weights are to be positioned next to the hitch in a way that may restrict the turning radius of the movers once they have picked up the front of the vehicle.

For a printable version of the 9300 Super Farm Tractor Rules please click the link below!
Melanie Wiley,
Aug 25, 2018, 3:42 PM