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6000 LLS Tractor Rules

TNT Truck and Tractor Pull

6000 lb Limited Light Super Tractors


  1. Cubic inch

    1. Diesel Engine - 470 cubic inch, no intercooler, 1 (3” intake charger) with slots or up to 3.6” intake charger with smooth bore.

    2. Diesel Engines - 315 cubic inch and under is allowed 2 (3” intake chargers), no intercooler or MAF enhancements.

    3. Diesel Engine – 410 cubic inch and under can run intercooler and 1 (3” intake slotted charger).

    4. Spark ignition on alcohol-370 cubic inch 1 (3” intake smooth bore charger). One spark plug per cylinder.

  2. A 1% tolerance will be given on cubic inch limitations to allow for normal engine wear.

  3. No V-8 engines permitted – Inline 4 or 6 cylinder only allowed.

  4. OEM cylinder heads only, cylinder head must match brand of block. Lateral movement of valves only. Valves must maintain factory angle. In head valves must seat no lower than the bottom of original head.

  5. Cylinder heads limited to 2 valves per cylinder.

    Deck Plates or Head Plates

  1. Tractor limited to 1 plate with a maximum 1 ½ inch thickness.

  2. Engine must match brand of tractor.

  3. Rear of engine must be in stock location for make and model of rear end and transmission housing, with a maximum tolerance of 1-inch adapter plate.

  4. No super chargers allowed.

    Turbo wheel and housing

  1. Single turbo charger of a size not to exceed a three-inch diameter measured at the front face of the wheel with one single air inlet with no additional openings in compressor housing outside of the three-inch inlet.

    a. Compressor wheel must enter into the compressor housing of a minimum of 0.125 of an inch.

    b. No MAF enhancement on alcohol engines larger than 310 cubic inch, all plugs must be welded non-removable.

    c. All diesel engines and alcohol engines less than 310 cubic inch can run MAF enhancement with 1 groove - no larger than 0.250 (250 thousandths) width.

    d. Diesel engines 315 cubic and under can run 2 (3 inch intake) chargers – no intercoolers or MAF enhancement.

  2. No fuel injection pump larger than a 6- cylinder P series pump will be allowed.

  3. Water injection allowed with oil lubricant only, no additives allowed in injection water.

  4. No electronic control for fuel delivery.

  5. Electronics for data use only.

  6. Any excessive fluids left on track during competition for 3 consecutive pulls subject to disqualification at Tech’s discretion.

  1. Maximum length 13 feet measured from center of rear axle to forward most point excluding tow hook.

  2. Maximum wheelbase 114 inches.

  3. OEM tractor rear end and transmission housings only will be accepted. Any auxiliary transmission must be in factory housing and can only exit vertically.

  4. Hitch will be no SHORTER than 18 inches measured from the center of the rear wheel to the hooking point.

  5. Maximum hitch height 20 inches.

  6. Six buckle SFI approved with 4.1 minimum rating safety blanket to cover clutch housing. May run SFI blow-proof bell housing – must be similar to factory style housing.

  7. Must have complete side shields equipped with minimum 0.06 (60 thousandths) thick steel or aluminum and must be securely fastened to tractor. Cover from top of frame to bottom of hood, from grill to engine firewall.

  8. Must have a firewall shield between driver and engine from top of hood to top of transmission or clutch housing, side shield to side shield.

  9. 3/8” Steel cable must surround complete block between 1 and 2 cylinders.

  10. Front skid plates on all tractors.

  11. No front axle suspension including air bags allowed. Front end pivot is allowed.



  1. Maximum tire size 30.5x 32

  2. Minimum tire size 18.4x 38



  1. Acceptable fuels are diesel fuel, alcohol, and gasoline.

  2. No oxygen carriers or combustion accelerators allowed.

  3. No Ether starting aid can be on tractor.



  1. Weight for the class is 6000 pounds (indoor events may differ).

  2. All tractors must carry at least 200 pounds of moveable weight.



 For a printable version of the 6000 LLS Tractor Rules please click the link below!

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Aug 26, 2018, 11:29 AM