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10,000 Hot Farm Tractor Rules

10,000 Hot Farm Tractors

1.      Air shutoff - Vehicle must have a cable operated engine air intake shut off device. Device cannot be a butterfly type and must be spring loaded. Cable must be located approximately 4 feet above the point of hook and within 6 inches of center of vehicle. Device must prevent the engine from building boost. The sled requires a 2 inch ring or equivalent be attached at the end of cable. Mount cable in clear view with no obstructions. One must be within drivers reach as well when strapped in seat.

2.      Brakes - All tractors must have working rear brakes capable of sliding each rear wheel.

3.      Clutch – All tractors must have a steel or an SFI approved flywheel and an approved blanket. 

4.      Cubic inch - 470 cubic inch maximum. There will be a 1% tolerance on all engine measurements.

5.      Cooling Fans - All cooling fans will be electric operated. No factory metal blades on water pump.

6.      Chassis - Maximum of 114 inch wheel base unless originally produced with a longer wheelbase at which point the wheelbase will remain stock. Maximum length of 13 feet from center of rear axle to forward most point of tractor excluding front hitch.

7.      Dump Valve- A 3 way fuel dump bypass valve is required ahead of the injection pump. This valve is to be operated by a cable within the drivers reach when strapped in seat.

8.      Drawbar - Must be a minimum of 18 inches behind center of rear axle. A maximum of 20 inches in height, and be ridged in all directions. Hitching eye to be a minimum of 1 inch thick and a maximum of 2 inches thick with a 3” x3.75” inside diameter hole.  All hitches must pass tech inspection for safety.

9.      Engine - OEM stock block, head, intake manifold & exhaust manifold must be for make and model of vehicle being entered. No aftermarket components allowed.

10.  Fire Extinguisher - Vehicle must be equipped with a minimum of a 2.5 lb dry type or a 2 lb halon type fire extinguisher that must be located within easy drivers reach. Must be fully charged and have a working gauge.

11.  Fenders - All tractors will have fenders and must support weight of driver. Top of fender must extend no less 6 inches over the top of tires.

12.  Floorboards - All tractors must be equipped with a floorboard, that is at least 0.060” thick and must be steel or aluminum.

13.  Fuel Pumps - Rotary, A pump (no larger than 14mm for the A pump), P pump of 13 mm plungers (for P pump only) or smaller (P3000 or P7100; no P 8600) Only one plunger per cylinder. Throttle stop must be on the pump.

14.  Fuel - Diesel fuel only. No compressed gases of any kind allowed as additive. Must pass Styrofoam cup test, 3 mintues. Random fuel checks can be completed by cup test or dialect test with a reading of maximum of 5. All entries will be checked when randomly checked.

15.  Neutral Start - VEHICLES MUST NOT START IN GEAR!!!!

16.  Personal Safety Equipment - Driver must wear a helmet, wear a complete fire suit, neck collar and leather shoes.

17.  Roll cages - All tractors will be equipped with an approved roll cage. 

18.  RPM - 3000 rpm maximum, with 100 rpm tolerance.  Must have magnetic tape on balancer or on flywheel. Also vehicle must have an ISPRO #019R8906 magnetic pickup attached to the front of the engine to measure engine RPM’s. The lead from the pickup to the rear of the vehicle is to be made of 14-16 gauge wire extension cord with a molded 110V, 3 prong female electrical outlet. This 110V plug needs to be mounted next to the rear mounted air shutoff cable. Wire must be one (1) continuous wire outside the frame rails and visible. NO SPLICES!! .  Each tractor will get one no read per season on RPM box, the second time the tractor will be disqualified.  When rpm box does not read the tractor will checked by hand tact for that one no read.

19.  Sheet Metal - All tractors are to look standard for its year make and model in appearance. All major factory sheet metal is required.

20.  Stabilizer Bars - Stabilizer bars are required (no wheels allowed). The stabilizer bars cannot be welded or bolted to the hitch in any way. The stabilizer bar must extend a minimum of 32 inches rearward from the center of the rear axle. The skid pad cannot be more than 10 inches off the ground.  The skid pad must be a minimum of 5”x 5” square. A minimum of 20 inches is allowed between the 2 skid pads. No cross bars are allowed on the stabilizer bars behind the hook point. In addition to the stabilizer bars, the vehicle must have a brace that extends vertically 12 inches from the rear most tip of skid pads. There must be support brace extending inward to frame, axle or top of stabilizer bars. Design and material used must with stand impact of sled and support the weight of tractor. Vertical brace should extent rearward a minimum of 2” from radius of rear tire.

21.  Seat belts - 5 point harness is required.

22.  Shields - Side shields are mandatory on both sides of the engine and cover the entire engine. Either aluminum or steel not less than 0.060” thick. There must be a fire wall that separates the operator from the engine compartment with no hole more than ½ inch in diameter for controls to pass through. A 0.060” thick or .120” thick aluminum must run between frame and under the harmonic balancer to prevent loss of harmonic balancer from tractor.

23.  Tie Bars – Tie bars are mandatory on all tractors.

24.  Tire Size - 20.8- 38 NO CUT TIRES ALLOWED.

25.  Throttle - Throttle lever must have a double spring installed such that if the throttle lever is released, the engine will return to idle. Throttle must function such that moving the throttle lever forward, increases the engine speed.

26.  Tube Frame and Front End - Aftermarket frames and front ends are allowed and must support the weight of tractor. Ski bars are mandatory on all tractors

27.  Turbo - Single turbo with 3 inch maximum diameter of the intake inlet. Bushings may be used, but must be permanent.  Compressor wheel must enter into the compressor housing.  0.200 Map width enhancement grooves allowed. NO restriction on exhaust wheel size. Measurement of the inlet will be done by using 3.000 plug or internal calipers measured at the front face of the wheel.  Two 3/8” bolts in a cross pattern must be welded in the exhaust pipe, no curve exhaust allowed. 

28.  Diesel fuel only. No compressed gases of any kind allowed as additive. Must pass Styrofoam cup test. Random fuel checks can be completed by cup test or dialect test with a reading of maximum of 5.

29.  Water injection - Water injection is allowed with water and pump lubrication only. Water may contain crop oil or water soluble oil. WATER MUST FREEZE ROCK SOLID or pass any other test TNT Motorsports implements.

30.  Intercoolers - NO INTERCOOLERS, AFTERCOOLERS OR ICE BOXES of any shape or form allowed in the air intake system of any tractor.

31.  Wheel Hubs - Must be steel weld on hubs or heavy duty clamp on hubs. No cast iron.

32.  Drop Pull – The first puller is allowed to drop their hook and may return right then or last.

For a printable version of the 10,000 Hot Farm Tractor Rules please click the link below!

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